Integrated Dermatology Announces Its Semi-Annual Peel Event

The promotion that everyone has been asking about is here!

Peel away to Healthy Skin on November 13th-November 17th!  

$50 off single peel

$100 off  peel packages of 3

Chemical peels are easy and effective treatments to help rejuvenate skin and improve skin texture, pigment, and tone. They are one of my favorite procedures to keep my patients’ skin healthy and glowing!
— Zain Husain, MD
There is no better time than now to peel away all of those imperfections! With minimal downtime, chemical peels help to even out the appearance of your skin tone, especially those stubborn dark spots, while also diminishing fine lines, and leaving your skin lasting smoother than ever. Your skin will be glowing for the holidays!
— Victoria Bennis, PA-C

By appointment only.