It’s Fraxel Season at Integrated Dermatology!


What is Fraxel Season?

It's Fraxel season at Integrated Dermatology!  Sure, summer was fun filled with those long sunny days, but it’s time to reverse the sun damage, help heal damaged skin, treat those sun spots. Fraxel can erase those pesky sun spots, even out your skin tone, and reveal fresher, younger looking skin.  It's time to discover your healthy skin and sign up for your Fraxel treatment this fall.  Join us this Fraxel season!  

Fraxel is the ultimate anti-aging treatment to reverse some of skin damage from years of sun and environmental exposure. It is also great for younger skin to prevent accumulating sun damage. I’m a huge fan of Fraxel!
— Agnes Chang, Medical Director
Fraxel 1927 BA.jpg