Skin Cancer Prevention all starts with your dermatologist. 





When should I schedule an appointment with a dermatologist? 

Plenty of patients ask when their friends and family should call our office for a skin check, or what we call a complete body exam. At Integrated Dermatology, we strive for the highest quality skin cancer prevention and we suggest that everyone 18 years and older should receive a complete body exam at least once a year. 


The Complete Body Exam

Head-to-toe examination of the skin. The exam itself is very thorough and efficient: from running between strands of hair all the way to checking between the toes. It's one thing that should alway be on your annual calendar. 


Click below for detailed information regarding skin cancer:

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Squamous Cell Carcinoma



One thing to note! 

You can always do a self-body examination at home between your dermatologist visits. 

Your ABCDE's

All of our providers at Integrated Dermatology suggest using the acronym ABCDE for self-screenings.