As the Medical Director of Integrated Dermatology, Dr. Chang plays the main component in decisions for both office locations and that of course, comes with many responsibilities. We all are busy, but she may have redefined the word entirely.

I wish I could clone myself seven different ways: 1. to take care of my patients 2. to spend time with my husband and kids 3. to sleep 4. to be at the K Street location 5. to be at 19th Street Location 6. to work out and 7. to spend time with friends.
— Agnes J. Chang, MD, FAAD

Certainly we all wish that we could clone ourselves to become the most productive and accomplished human being, however science hasn't brought us there just yet. Just out of curiosity, we asked Dr. Chang what a typical weekday is for her. 



                                         5:30 a.m. Snooze alarm once then up! Mobility & Yoga Stretching

                                         6:00 a.m. Get organized for the day with Passion Planner

                                         7:00 a.m. Get caffeinated on way to work

                                         8:00 a.m. Start Skin Cancer Clinic

                                         11:30 a.m. End Morning Clinic

                                         12:00 p.m. Lunch and Business Meetings 

                                         1:00 p.m. Start Skin Cancer Clinic

                                         4:30 p.m. End Afternoon Clinic

                                         5:00 p.m. Review All Patient Charts / Calls

                                         6:30 p.m. Work out (She is currently obsessed with Peloton) 

                                         7:00 p.m. Dinner & Homework with Kids

                                         8:30 p.m. Downtime & "Me time" - i.e. Reading with wine 

                                         9:00 p.m. Bedtime story & tuck kids in bed

                                        10:00 p.m.  Finally Sleep!


For those that always wondered, now we know. Medical Directors have to take care of a lot to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

Thank you for all that you do, Dr. Chang! 


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