Integrated Dermatology Announces Botox January Promotion

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Botox Bank

Beat the price increase! Bank your Botox and save!

Due to Allergan increasing the price of Botox. Effective February 2018 our pricing will increase. 

For the month of January 2018, pre-purchase and bank your one years’ worth of Botox at a discounted rate. It’s like money in the bank! Minimum purchase is 50 units.

Call 202-293-3990 Ext. 113 to bank your Botox!

Brilliant Distinction reward coupons for Botox can be accrued and used towards Allergan products and cosmetic services excluding Botox.
*New Pricing Starting Feb. 2018: $15/unit physician assistant. $17/unit associate physician. $19/unit medical director.
*Botox units will expire one year after purchase. Promotion ends January 31, 2018.

Agnes Chang