Integrated Dermatology Announces Increase in Prices of Injectables


In September 2016, the CEO of Allergan published a pledge that Allergan would “not engage in price gouging actions or predatory pricing” and that it would increase the price of their branded therapeutic medicines no more than once per year and it will be limited to single-digit percentage increases.  And as promised, the cost of Botox increased in January 2017.

Since the inception of Integrated Dermatology in 2009, our price of Botox and Juvederm for patients have not changed in almost a decade.  And when the cost of Botox did increase in early 2017, we decided at that time to not pass on the cost to our valued patients.  However, with the promise of annual increases by Allergan, we are now also increasing pricing by an additional $1 per unit*.   All Juvederm products will also increase in price by an additional $100 per syringe.  We promise that our future price increases will be as small as possible as we pass along the cost of the manufacturer’s increase in cost to our patients.

To capture the current pricing, there will be a January 2018 promotion before the increase in prices on February 1, 2018.  

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

*$15/unit physician assistant $17/unit associate physician $19/unit medical director

Agnes Chang